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Hello! We’re looking for active admins for our tumblr page. fill this form if you’re interested!
Twitter accout:
Tumblr account:
How active will you be:
Why do want to be admin:
What languages do you understand:
Where do you usually get news from:

Send this form to @babyjongdae (Twitter) using twitlonger or you just can mention me ^^ I’ll be waiting until January 2013.

I want this tumblr to stay alive and keep updated! :) if you have any question, feel free to tweet @Boyfriend_heree ~

Thanks for your participation and good luck! ^_^

-main admin-

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aww :O jeongseong! [cr: jomiryo]
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minwoo’s pout >
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[TRANS] 120930 Minwoo Fancafe Update!
Original Post:
[민우] 추석!여러분 막내 민우 입니다~ 가족들과 함께 맛있는 음식도 먹고 즐거운 시간 보내고 계신가요?’ㅅ’ 저도 오늘은 가족들과 휴식을 아쟝~♪ 동현이 형, 현성이 형, 정민이 형, 영광이!! 그리고 우리 베프! 모두 즐거운 추석 보내요! 사랑해요>_<~♥ -[B.F민우]2012.09.30 일요일추석에 민우가ㅇㅅㅇEnglish Translation:[Minwoo] Chuseok!Everyone, this is maknae Minwoo~ Are you guys eating delicious food and having fun with your families?’ㅅ’ I’m also resting together with my family today~ Donghyun hyung, Hyunseong hyung, Jeongmin hyung and YoungKwang!! And our Bestfriends! Have a good and exciting chuseok~ I love you~>_< -[B.FMinwoo]2012.09.30 Minwoo on Chuseok Sunday ㅇㅅㅇTrans by @heebabyy for @Boyfriend_heree 
*take out with full credits~*
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[TRANS] 120930 @G_Boyfriend Twitter Update!

Original Tweet:
[B.F동현] 보이프렌드를 대표해 리더 동현이가 추석 인사 드립니다~^^ 여러분! 모두 행복한 한가위 되시고 웃음 가득한 시간 보내시기 바랍니다! 앞으로 보이프렌드 활동도 많이 기대해주세요♥

English Translation:
[B.F동현] Chuseok greetings from Boyfriend’s representative leader Donghyun! Everyone has a happy and cheerful Chuseok! Please wait for Boyfriend’s comeback promotion♥

Trans by  for  
*take out with full credits~*

(Source: boyfriend-heree)

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Boyfriend’s Ideal Type of Girl

Q1: What’s your ideal type of girl?

  • Donghyun: a girl who has a cute voice and a nice smile 
  • Hyunseong: a kind-hearted person, who understands me well, a person who’s raised well (means has a good manner)
  •  Jeongmin: a kind of person who has a lot of charm, has a graceful heart, and we have the chemistry and she’s a good person
  • Youngmin: a pretty girl with aegyo. 
  • Kwangmin: a girl who’s a 4D like me. 
  • Minwoo: I really like a pretty fair-skinned girl


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